Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Can I tell you? I SOOOOOOO don't want to be a whiny pregnant woman. I'm so grateful to be pregnant with twins and that they're very healthy. I'm also SOOOO very pleased that I'll finally have a little girl to put in pigtails and ruffles and pretty pink ribbons. And I'm extremely grateful that the twin venture is not going to be nearly as costly because one of them is a little boy who can wear the barely worn hand-me-downs of his two year old brother. I'm grateful to have a wonderful husband, a lovely home, my health and that of my family, and two wonderful big boys who are excited to be getting new siblings.

BUT... The end of a twin pregnancy sucks! Granted I'm one of the fortunate few who has not been forced into bedrest (allelujah!), but it's nearly impossible to breathe and walk at the same time. AND acid reflux is constant EVEN when I take the Zantac (or whatever the hell that anti-reflux pill is called). It is freaking impossible to ever sit down or lay down comfortably no matter how many pillows I employ. My back hurts CONSTANTLY. And I'm so sick of caring whether or not anyone around her has clean clothes, clean dishes, healthy meals to eat, a ride to school or really almost anything else. Granted, hubby would pitch in and do it all, so it's not as if it's his fault I'm bitching. But he also works a 75 hour week (not counting his 30 minute commute each way) and I cannot in good concience leave him to do everything. Also, don't know if I've mentioned it, but I'm a perfectionist and anything hubby or the twelve year old do is not good enough for me so I'd rather do it myself.

Can I tell you that I've never been overly fond of Walmart, but hate it even more now because it's the only reasonably close (meaning less than 45 minutes) store to us and it's a Super Walmart so that I have to walk a country mile just to get a couple of grocery items or a spool of thread. I'm slightly miserable today. Physically. I woke up with a back ache and NOTHING is helping. I love my two year old, but today he is exhausting me. I know it will soon get better -in fact we have only 7 weeks to go from today.

So I'm really not looking for sympathy. I'm just taking this opportunity to bitch, because I'm trying to avoid making my family miserable.

What's making you miserable (or at the very least peeved) lately?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I was feeling sorry for myself because I can't get rid of this damn cold, but at least I'm not pregnant.

Young Creations said...

All pregnant women get to bitch. We deserve it. I was miserable in the end of both of my single preganacies. I can't imagine have two in there. Hang in there. I will be praying for you.


Dana said...

I just came across your blog through the Cactus Clan pages...I wish you all the luck with your two almost-new arrivals! I'm a nursing student and what's worrying me right now is my respiratory test coming up Tues, if that makes you feel even slightly better. :)