Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catch up time

Soooo... I haven't been around here much for a few weeks.

Been slightly bummed and majorly uncomfortable. Nearly three weeks ago I woke up in pre-term labor. For those who may not be aware or have perhaps forgotten, I'm carrying twins. 1 rambunctious boy just over my diaphragm making breathing a full body workout and 1 sweet little girl smashing the pee out of me just about my bladder.

I went to the hospital and was monitored to make sure it was true labor. It was. They forced liquids into me by spending four nurses and a little more than an hour trying to get a vein (mine are tiny and quite deep) for the IV and gave me procardia (to slow/stop the contractions) and a steroid shot (to hasten fetal lung development). After the second dose of procardia my contractions finally slowed to where they were willing to release me, but I was placed on bedrest. Did I mention I'm a control freak? Well, this has been a gigantic adjustment for me. I normally do everything myself because no one else does it my way. Now I'm allowed to do almost nothing.

We've been blessed in that a group of 5 or six ladies from church have been taking turns coming in to help with our toddler during the day and they've been bringing casseroles or fixing something in the crockpot everyday so that poor hubby doesn't have to figure out dinner at the end of a 15 hour day. My 12 1/2 year old has been responsible for dishes and floors. My husband feeds our toddler, serves and cleans up dinner, bathes the toddler and wipes down counters, tables, etc. He also now has to pack his own lunches, do the shopping, do the laundry, fix his own coffee and wait on me to a certain extent. I think I have the hardest job because I'm the one who has to sit back and bite her tongue while they do everything as if they've never even seen anyone do household chores before. Okay, maybe not, but you'd really have to know me to know how crazy I'm getting over the mess of this house.

I"m really relieved that the twins are staying inside me a little longer. I've actually even been able to stop taking the procardia since last Saturday because I haven't had any more contractions. BUT I am extremely uncomfortable. Both babies are around the 6 pound mark. Their every move HURTS. They've both "dropped" so that they're crushing my intestines which makes bathroom trips real interesting. I can barely sleep for discomfort. But I'd still half way like them to hang out until the 36th or 37th week. Just for the added assurance of their health being more perfect. On the other hand? A tiny part of me is LUSTING after the day when they are finally out.

Also, I'm SOOOOOO Bored with staying at home. There are so many things I'd like to be doing. But then again, I couldn't handle them even if the doctor allowed it because I'm in bodily misery. Other than doctor's visits I haven't been anywhere in ages. I'm glad my babies are staying healthy and safe. I'm super grateful for that. But I wish I could I-Dream-of-Jeannie my way a couple of weeks ahead.

Entertain me. PLEASE. Tell me funny and embarrassing NOT SCARY pregnancy and child birth stories. They don't even have to be your own. I'd be happy to hear your sister-in-law's or your neighbor's nieces' best friend's story. Just give me something funny please.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Oh wait - you said funny pregnancy stories? I've got nothing. I had twins too. I took procardia for six weeks.

The good news? My twins are healthy and happy.

If it helps, I do feel sorry for you. Being that pregnant hurts. People don't get it.

islaygirl said...

I don't know if this qualifies, but it's funny to me now.

I was at L&D after a false labor two days before. I'm in labor but not dilating. I'm walking. I'm walking. I get checked, still not dilating. They gently suggest perhaps I'd like to go home.

Never, never suggest to a full-term pregnant woman that she should go home once she's got the gown on. Especially a full-term pregnant woman who gained more than 100 pounds while pregnant and is desperately hoping for a 6-pound baby and a 94-pound water loss. And the sooner you get that baby out of her, the happier we'll all be.

So, they break my water (stupidly, i didn't think to pee beforehand. I get up to pee immediately after the water-breakage and suddenly there's amniotic fluid all over the extremely slippery floor).

NOW we have labor. No need for pitocin, we are on the move. After approximately 20 real contractions (the ones that had been going on for the previous 7 hours? NOTHING) I abandon my no-drugs-til-epi vow and beg my husband to get ANYONE, SOMEONE, WITH A NEEDLE.

His eyes widen to saucer size and he sprints from the room.

Thirty minutes later I am in heaven. The ob/gyn on call from my practice is generous with her epi orders and even though I'm only at 3 cm I get my epi. I resist the urge to French kiss the anesthesiologist (realizing i am not the 125-lb sex goddess I was pre-pg).

I relax and start dilating, and am complete 1 hour later. That whole hour? I watched a double shot of Seinfeld on tbs. NEVER has George Castanza been so funny.

Hope bed rest is going ok. Love the 3D u/s pics. *baby lust*