Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday? Not so much.

So with the wonder of discomfort from a twin pregnancy, I was wide awake at a quarter to five. So I did what any good little preggo with only 10 weeks to go would do -I cleaned and organized. Actually, since my guys had told me to wait and they'd help, I've been waiting about two weeks longer than I was willing to take down our Christmas decor. This was annoying and embarrassing to me. So, this morning? I was packing and wrapping the ornaments and pine (fake) garlands and Nativity set and stockings and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Anyway, now I only have to wait for them to untangle the star and lights from the tree and disassemble. With a little luck, they'll actually take all the boxes out of my dining room and out to the storage room and/or shed.

There's a good chance this year that I might actually have packed up everything together all at once, instead of finding 5 or 10 decorative items within the week after I've duct taped and labeled boxes. Last year I didn't realize our Nativity was still on top of the armoire until nearly Valentine's Day. After something sits there from Thanksgiving 'til the first of the year, things tend to blend in. Or I'm a slacker.

How about your Christmas decorations? Are they packed away already? Do you organize them as you pack or are you so anxious to get it over with that it all just gets shoved in the box in a devil-may-care rush? Inquiring preggos want to know.

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